Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Jerry Sugrue, Bronx, 1936.

I love you Dad. Thanks for being such an inspiration.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Great cinematography

© Discovery Channel

You must watch Discovery Atlas. It's a very well produced documentary series that profiles a different country in each nearly two-hour episode. If you're familiar with Baraka, you'll love this. If you can't catch it on tv, each episode is also available for download on iTunes.

Here's a YouTube clip from the episode on China that I watched last night.

Discovery Atlas website.

Friday, June 6, 2008

New work

New work from earlier this week. Thanks Aziza!

© Michael Sugrue

© Michael Sugrue

He shoots, he scores

The Wings won their fourth Cup in 11 seasons on Wednesday night, and one of the best stories is Dallas Drake. He was on the team back in '94, just when they started to get really good. He was traded to Winnipeg, and after bouncing around with several teams, he was finally cut from St. Louis last fall, and his career appeared over. He was so superstitious about the Stanley Cup that he said he wouldn't even look at it if he had the chance. He thought you should only touch it if you get your name on it for winning it. The Wings took a chance on him, and he won the Cup with the team he started on. He was finally able to hold it high above his head Wednesday night for all the right reasons.

I was and am a big Wings fan, but my college roommate and Scotsman, Paul Latimer, didn't know much about hockey until we discovered NHL 94 on Sega in the dorm room. We spent countless hours kicking each other's asses on it. As college swimmers, we had competitive streaks and we weren't really there to be scholars. The funny thing is that Paul's only association with the names of the Red Wings, my team every time, was through that video game. Now he's a bit of a fan, but it all started with crappy graphics and monotonous sound that you couldn't get out your head.