Monday, August 11, 2008

Beijing Bronze

A sweet, charming Olympic trap shooter I photographed in May for Field & Stream just won the bronze medal last night in Beijing. Corey Cogdell only took up the sport three years ago, and she just won a medal. Not bad. It's out now in Field & Stream. My assistant and I were very impressed. She's a great girl and I'm extremely happy for her.

Great job Corey!!

© Michael Sugrue

Friday, August 8, 2008

HD video project

I just started working on some video. I'm pretty excited about where it's going and looking forward to developing it.

Some stills from the most recent (ie., only) project. Still need to find time to tighten the edit. More in the works, but not finished yet.

Me and Nadav (and about 100 others)

Glad to say that some of my work is now available from Gallery Stock. I was contacted a little over a month ago to contribute. Definitely some heavy hitters involved, so it couldn't hurt to be guilty by association.

Bayou, New Orleans, LA © Michael Sugrue

Marin Headlands, Northern California © Michael Sugrue

Red states, blue pictures

Been a while, but after a relatively sluggish start to summer, things picked up quite a bit in the last several weeks.

This is from a flight into Dallas entering a nasty storm. Also checked out western Nebraska, which reminded me of Arizona and Colorado. Plenty of corn, but nice landscape too. I was pleasantly surprised to have some of the best salsa I've ever tried in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I know. Lemon mushroom salsa. I'm going to make some tonight for a little Opening Ceremony shindig.

© Michael Sugrue

Also, out now is this image in Outside Magazine. Shot in the backyard in a very blue state.

© Michael Sugrue