Thursday, November 15, 2007

Wild Web 2.0

For those of you following along over at A Photo Editor, there's a cool new feature called Photo Rank which would ideally function like Flickr for pros. A place where you can find, judge, and discuss the work of fellow photographers.

I'm also working on adding a new feature to my site, but certainly on a much smaller scale. I made a little gallery to put up my most recent work, some recently published, others outtakes or personal work. It's not connected to my main site right now, and I'm not sure how, or if, it will be. I'd love to know what y'all think of it and if you have any suggestions. I kind of see it as a place to put stuff that I like but might not make the main site and other cool shots from the road, etc.

New Rep

As of about two weeks ago, I now have a new rep for advertising work in the U.S. I signed with Blake Pearson and VISU, and I'm pretty excited about going forward with them. Blake seems like a great guy, and I'm looking forward to working on some great new jobs soon.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

One more reason to love your iPhone

© mjs
It's not the smoothest or fastest (hey, who is?), but I now have Remote Desktop on my iPhone. You can access your home computer and play everything your iPhone can't: Flash, Quicktime, mp4, etc. The photo above shows the Flash-based version of my site, which is not accessible through iPhone's Flash-devoid Safari.

Not bad. From the good people at Google Telekinesis.

Note cheesy phone cover and world's best wedding ring.

Art for Art's Sake?

Here are a couple more images from the last month or so. The creative juices have been flowing while on the road. These aren't published images, nor are they even outtakes from the shoots I go on. Experiencing this great country just inspires me to snap away.

In a perfect world, I could just go around taking photos and someone would pay me every once in awhile.

Near Walsenburg, Colorado 2007 © Michael Sugrue

Gun Range attendant, Anchorage, Alaska 2007 © Michael Sugrue

I read some other blogs where it's all about the art all the time. That's cool, it's just not my reality. In that spirit, see the video below, from the Photo Busines Forum. It's certainly not my way of handling things, but pretty funny nonetheless, and also becoming more and more common for photographers.

Back to Business

Cordillera, Colorado 2007 © Michael Sugrue

It's been a little while since I last posted, and I can't say I'm glad to be sitting at a desk again. Recent travels have taken me to Texas and twice to Colorado.

One advantage of working to produce and execute shoots is the luxury of forgetting you have an actual business to run. I recently upgraded to Leopard and CS3, and I got a free one-month subscription to It's awesome! I highly recommend anyone who wants to learn any program to sign up. It's only $25 a month, and I'm spending as much time as possible catching up, and refreshing myself, on the programs I need to know to run a business like Filemaker, Flash, Photoshop, XML, etc. It's way more than just the basics, it really helps you integrate it for what you need to do, like edit pictures and produce invoices from the road.

Near Walsenburg, Colorado 2007 © Michael Sugrue