Tuesday, September 18, 2007

American Experience

I just got back from a quick trip to Las Vegas. It was a magazine assignment with a quick turnaround. Fly in, sleep, shoot, fly out. Usually I enjoy going to Vegas, not so much for the gambling, but, on some level, I like the fakeness of it all. They try hard, and given the right mix of sun and booze, it works. If you close your eyes, and take a sip of your overpriced margarita, it can really feel like an exotic vacation. And the people-watching is incredible.

I've been there with friends, family, my wife, and had a good time with them all. Much laughing and drinking, and sweating. So trying to find a restaurant, navigating the hordes in the casinos, and witnessing all the hilarity Vegas can offer just doesn't feel the same when you're by yourself.

The photo below is the view from my hotel room in the New York New York. It's a nice view of the desert landscape, which is obscured by the monolithic glass monstrosity across the street, which is, of course, obscured by a roller coaster.

© Michael Sugrue

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