Friday, August 8, 2008

Red states, blue pictures

Been a while, but after a relatively sluggish start to summer, things picked up quite a bit in the last several weeks.

This is from a flight into Dallas entering a nasty storm. Also checked out western Nebraska, which reminded me of Arizona and Colorado. Plenty of corn, but nice landscape too. I was pleasantly surprised to have some of the best salsa I've ever tried in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I know. Lemon mushroom salsa. I'm going to make some tonight for a little Opening Ceremony shindig.

© Michael Sugrue

Also, out now is this image in Outside Magazine. Shot in the backyard in a very blue state.

© Michael Sugrue


Eric Escobar said...

Is this an HDR image?
How'd you get this?

Michael Sugrue said...

No neither is an HDR image. The first is at about 20,000 feet above Dallas, the other is from near my house in Sausalito. I added the stars in post though.