Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New work, new site, new project

Here's a new image from a Visa print campaign, as well as a couple of screen grabs from the commercials, with one thrown in from another project, and a shot of the new site. It definitely looks best full screen. All of this is now live on my site, sugrue.com, designed by my friends at D10 Studio in Monterrey, Mexico.

I'm shooting my first commercial project on the RED on Thursday (with a 5D2 second camera), working with a pretty solid production team, brought together by my ace-in-the-hole Emily Miller. I could not recommend her more highly. She seriously does absolutely whatever it takes to get a job done properly. Working with me, Emily has acted in various capacities as den mother, bar tender, psycho-therapist, good cop AND bad cop, animal wrangler, wrangler to the animal wrangler, detective, queen bee, and financial consultant to name a few.

She's a saint for dealing with a certain city employee on this one, ensuring that all the i's are dotted and t's are crossed.

I have a new studio manager named Annie Pautsch. I'll put up a short video of Annie at some point, and she may do a little guest blogging. Right now she's busy greasing the wheels of the latest promotional campaign, rolling out over the next couple of weeks.

© Michael Sugrue

© Michael Sugrue

© Michael Sugrue

© Michael Sugrue

© Michael Sugrue


Simon Duhamel said...

love the new site!

Kimberly Sandie said...

I'll be interested to hear how you like working on the RED. A few of us went to a demo of it at Skyline Studios for Photo Plus in NYC. Are you going to be using it for primarily grabbing stills?

Erik Holmberg said...

Like the new design and colors.

The post work on the latest cityscapes is done well.

I can't be sure, but looks like the iPhone version of the site doesn't have your latest stuff. Maybe I am looking in the wrong place.

The image of the girl's waistline is timeless.