Wednesday, December 9, 2009

More social control

I promise I will post about the RED/5D workflow I've cobbled together for my last shoot. In fact, I'm taking the whole timeline into Color today to start cracking on it.

As this is the time for holiday parties, I usually can't be bothered. My wife and I are homebodies in Marin, and going into the city is usually avoided. Of course, there are exceptions. Last Friday, I went to a party hosted by Caren Alpert, Jeff Singer, and Natalie Bowen, the first two being photographers and studio mates. While there I chatted with Shane O'Neill, an awesomely talented and passionate dude that makes me glad to be a photographer. We also took a few shots in the photo booth Jeff set up. Hopefully he'll post some of those to see. The point is that it was much more fun than I would have thought. It wasn't about schmoozing clients or being pretentious about how busy everyone is. Just really cool to hang out with like-minded people. At the end, Shane asked me if I'd be at the APA party this Friday. 1400 people. Um...we'll see.

Earlier in the day, I met the very talented photographer Justin Bowen for coffee in Sausalito. He's graduating soon from the Academy of Art. We talked about getting started, etc. The problem I have is that everyone's story is so different, so I feel like any details about my background are simply not relevant, but we talk about it anyways cause that's what you do. Hopefully he can glean something from my rambling. The unifying factor is always resourcefulness and finding your own way, which I'm sure Justin will do, and already has to some degree.

Curious, passionate people tend to figure it out.

Maybe this video will be a preview of the APA party. While it's starting to be a played-out trend, I loves me some good super slow-mo, especially with good music.

HEY CHAMP - Cold Dust Girl from hanaari on Vimeo.


Jeff Singer said...

Hey... Glad you had fun at the party. Too bad I missed the chance to finally meet you in person. Our holiday party is always crazy for me, running around all night and I barely even remember talking to anyone.

Hopefully we can meet at the APA Party if you go.

Michael Sugrue said...

Yeah, we did chat for a bit, but you seemed quite busy playing host. Great party, I don't think I'm going to make the APA one after all.

Jeff Singer said...

Are you kidding? Wow, that's what I mean. Between running around and the drinks, the night was a blur.