Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Scout Is On

After a conference call with Chris Peters, AB, and Liz Ciavarella, the AD, I knew what I had to accomplish with a scout. Not a lot of time, but some efficient spots to get a lot of images in a small area.

First job was to check out my backya
rd, the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. After an initial run through, Chris, Liz, and the client narrowed it down further. So I went back with my producer to shore up some of the production details and questions.

The first location would be in San Francisco, an urban park-like setting. After racking up miles on a rainy Friday, I had some options.

"We like the stuff from the Yerba Buena Gardens," said Chris and Liz. Great, so do I. Unfortunately, the Yerba Buena Gardens wasn't down with us.

"Your shots from the DeYoung look great, but the client said no way."

"We like the Conservatory shots, but where are those steps?" Perfect. About 100 yards away.

© Michael Sugrue

We'll also be shooting at the Palace of Fine Arts, in the morning of the first day. Back to the GGNRA. Did a loop through the park, picking up shots to cover each contingency. A smooth shoot could be three locations here, two longer set-ups, AM and PM, with a quickie just before lunch at the third spot.

Found a spot the client loves on a one-way road near Muir Beach for setup #1. No problem. Except no trucks or RVs allowed. Well, park the RV up top and have the talent come down as they're ready. We've got radios and the RV can meet us at the next spot. No cube truck for the gear, cargo van instead. Done.

© Michael Sugrue, Producer Emily Miller taking copious notes on how we're going to make all of this work.

It should all work great, ending with the afternoon shots on the beach. Except the weather's been sketchy, and the waves there have been known to swallow small children and pets. Hmm...