Thursday, November 15, 2007

Wild Web 2.0

For those of you following along over at A Photo Editor, there's a cool new feature called Photo Rank which would ideally function like Flickr for pros. A place where you can find, judge, and discuss the work of fellow photographers.

I'm also working on adding a new feature to my site, but certainly on a much smaller scale. I made a little gallery to put up my most recent work, some recently published, others outtakes or personal work. It's not connected to my main site right now, and I'm not sure how, or if, it will be. I'd love to know what y'all think of it and if you have any suggestions. I kind of see it as a place to put stuff that I like but might not make the main site and other cool shots from the road, etc.


Armando said...

That's a pretty neat idea. Love the polaroid/flash thing.

Anonymous said...

go for it. it looks great!

Anonymous said...

btw - your sitemeter logo keeps popping up on the front page. i have a feeling it's not supposed to be there.

Jim Goldstein said...

Thanks for the tip on Photo Rank. You should have one more vote shortly.

The flash gallery you're working on is really cool. I'm jealous. Keep up the great work.